Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my journey...

I used to be big...

I guess that's the best way to begin a blog about weight loss, my journey, and how to change your life!!

My parents raised me with a basic understanding of nutrition in the sense of what foods were good and what foods were bad. We never had soda in the house, unless it was for a party and even then we were only allowed one can. We were taught to eat good foods...fruit, veggies and never any "sugar cereal!"

So, how did I go from a somewhat healthy, active childhood of High School wrestling, tennis and playing outside to an adulthood weighing over 300 lbs (possibly even closer to 350 lbs than I know, because there was a season I didn't weigh myself)??? Was it no will power? Lack of discipline? Was it a pain that I was trying to heal? Was it emotional eating or eating out of boredom? The answer to that is pretty simple for me, my wife Shelley (who has also lost 35 lbs, going from a size 14 to size 4) and many others that I am helping to overcome their weight issues...a bad understanding of nutrition! Sure I've heard quite a bit, "calories in vs calories out," but really understanding it all in a way that made sense, I didn't hear. Since catching this "revelation" I have gotten to 185 lbs  (and still losing) , tight 48 jeans to 34 jeans and my heart is to never see another person struggle with something that there is no need to struggle with. NO FAD DIET, just some determination, simple nutrition and hard work. My goal in starting theweightlosspastor.com is to encourage and pastor others into seeing their best life now! As a Pastor, I encourage people to live out what Christ says in scripture, that "Christ came so that we may have life and life abundantly!" Although, I've always preached this in the spiritual sense, I also believe that getting control in the area of health will add to our life, giving us the abundant life that Christ intended! My prayer is that through my story and the knowledge I have gained, which has gotten me to where I am and continue to head, I can be an asset to you in your journey!!


  1. I am so proud of you!! You've done an amazing job losing weight! You are such an inspiration to those around you. What a great lifestyle this is! You look great!! Keep up the good work! Love ya, Sara Jane :)

  2. I think it is a super idea that the Lord helped you to implement and I think it will be a blessing to many people. I am proud of you and Shelley. God Bless you, have a great day!!

  3. You both look wonderful! Congratulations on your new lifestyle, weight loss and discipline. We miss you here in Binghamton.